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Volunteer Tasks

Added hands are always appreciated to maintain our airport and grounds! Please coordinate with the Manager's Office or a FOCA representative here: Manager or FOCA

Before starting any work, you must receive a safety briefing from the office! Really!

Small all terrain vehicle pulling a lwn mower

Resident Mike Bigler brought over his Rhino ATV to pull the new trail mower! Thanks Mike!

Currrent Help Apprecited for:

  • Weed whipping and disk cutting around perimeter of airport
  • Filing of airport archival records
  • Creation of a narrative history of O61
  • Hanging newly acquired No Trespassing signs on perimeter chainlink fence
  • Burning weeds out of taxiway and ramp pavement cracks using propane torch
  • DONE for 2020!! Clean out hangar rain gutters (thanks for Wiley Carter for his scissor jack)

More soon! Check back frequently!