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CPAD Elections 2020: Assessments & Directors!

View of runway surrounded by lush grass on a sunny day

The CPAD Infrastructure and Finance Committee is working diligently to update our financial budgets for routine operations, contingencies, and needed updating to our infrastructure.

A series of notices, public meetings (online during Covid-19 restrictions) and other opportunities for public comment has started!  Keep an eye on your email and the CPAD website for information and the latest updates!

June 1st: "White Paper" with Added Information and Analysis on CPAD Budget and Plan is HERE

May 11th: Public meeting presenting the budgets and supporting information for comment

  • Introduction with Overview is HERE
  • Presentation regarding Airpark Streets - Pavement is HERE
  • Presentation regarding Airport Operations is HERE
  • Presentation regarding Airport Projects is HERE
  • Wrap Up - Summary Presentation is HERE

May 4th: Invitation to the May 11th Public Meeting can be seen HERE

May 1st: Introduction Letter regarding CPAD Financial Condition is HERE

On April 13th, Public Notice of measures and tentative calendar is available HERE as a PDF.


As with all Board and Committee matters and actions (or if you just want to say "Hi!"), your comments can be sent to the Board at (redacted)